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When She agreed… (Vision 2026)

Bestfriends Neha and Rohit were chilling in the college canteen and discussing the upcoming college festival ‘INSIGHT 2026’ scheduled in December. They both had the responsibility of getting an Alumni for a talk with the students, and they had a name in their mind. Just then, Neha’s cellphone rang and she excused herself for a minute, while Rohit went ahead to get something to eat. Of course! He wasn’t hungry, but what if the Father catches you chilling in the canteen while the lectures are still going on. One can’t imagine the wrath of Father!

“She agreed for the talk!”, Neha exclaimed while running back to the table.

Rohit was puzzled seeing such spurge of energy and could only utter ‘Who? What? When? What are you talking about?’

Looking at such a puzzled reaction on her excitement irritated Neha and she replied, “Idiot! I am talking about the Alumni which we were pursuing. Sayalii Janbandhu has agreed for the talk!”

Realizing what Neha said, Rohit’s excitement knew no bounds. “That’s the best thing you have ever uttered in your whole life. This year’s fest is going to be a bang!”, said Rohit.

Neha replied, “I know right! A few days back I read this personal blog of her which said that during her third year of Engineering, she was about to leave it. She was standing in the Vice Principal’s office with her decision, but he opposed it and suggested to complete it. He wanted her to complete her graduation, pursue her dream of becoming an Entrepreneur, and then come back to the college to inspire others. Guess what? That’s the same thing which is happening.”

Rohit had been listening attentively to Neha and was quite happy to see a spark in his best friend’s eyes while talking about her role model. He said, “I never knew Sayalii had a blog on her personal life. I have only been following her on her professional grounds. What is the name of the blog?”

“Such a nerd you are! Find her on thatweirdogirl.com! And before you ask me why such a name, let me tell you, Sayalii believes that one needs to be crazy and weird to excel in their life or to achieve something. And she resonates with the word WEIRD! Although I follow her professionally too, I love reading her blogs more.”, Neha said while Rohit got busy with his cellphone, reading the blogs.

Neha was bingeing on Chicken noodles while Rohit was still reading the blog. Neha asked, “Bestie! Didn’t I introduce you to Sayalii?”. Rohit affirmed it with a nod. Getting neglected by her best friend always irritated her; she snatched Rohit’s cellphone and said, “Let’s test your knowledge about Sayalii.” To which she got a reply, “Go ahead, girl! Even if you have introduced me to her, I have become a bigger fan of her and I know I am going to nail this!”. Neha said, “Overconfidence always sinks the ship. Nevertheless, let’s start easy. Tell me what is Sayalii up to professionally these days?”

Rohit took a deep breath and started saying, “My dear best friend, although it is an easy question, the answer to it is going to be a long one since Sayalii has achieved so much in her life within such a short period. Okay, without wasting much time. Sayalii Janbandhu has been excelling professionally with her two business babies — TWINKLING DIARIES, her Event Management agency, and SOCIALLY YOURS, her Social Media Marketing agency with both the agencies based out in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Talking about TD, the agency has just hit the turnover of 12 crores in the last financial year and can’t even imagine what the turnover will touch this year. She has managed some prominent weddings under her guidance, and is the most sought-after Event Planner in Mumbai, right now. She has been a member of the prestigious EEMA group and is well-respected there. She has managed to keep quite a friendly relation with her earlier employer as well. Her other business baby, SY has been instrumental in earning at least 2 lakhs per month for her. It is said that she is booked for this financial year, and if you want to hire her Social Media Marketing services then you would have to wait for a year. That’s crazy! I just love how she is helping the fellow womenpreneurs with scaling their businesses online. And she is never tired of thanking her mentor Deepak Kanakaraju for her second business baby. I am must say, looking at her journey from 2020, when she first mustered courage and leaped faith to this impeccable Womenpreneur that she has become, is just inspirational! Also, even after being so successful, she is so down-to-earth and approachable, like we just told her that we are talking from St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering and she immediately agreed as well!

“That is so damn true man!”, exclaimed Neha and continued, “She has not only excelled professionally but also on a personal front. The other day, I was reading her interview in the Entrepreneur India magazine, and believe it or not, from weighing a whopping 75 kgs in 2020, she has come to 55 kgs within a year itself through a clean diet and workouts. She has then maintained it. She is happily married to an Entrepreneur itself, while residing in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. With the busy schedule that they have, they never miss out on their half-yearly vacations to a new country each time! She has been balancing her professional and personal lives at par and she truly declares that it is possible because her husband supports her in her dreams. She has imbibed gratitude and meditation so beautifully in her lifestyle. She is the reason I believe in the Law of Attraction. And it doesn’t stop here, she is planning to open a house ‘ParamVatsya’ (Inspired by her grandparents — Paramanand and Vatslyabai Janbandhu) which is a concept of old-age home and orphanage being at the same place. Isn’t it beautiful how she wants to bring the fulfill the needs of these people! Family and friends love to spend time with her and she also makes it a point to celebrate every festival with her family and friends.”

Rohit was in awe listening to all this and said, “There is so much to learn from her in every aspect of life. But if we just sit here and discuss her, then who is going manage the grand welcome that she deserves? There are so many preparations to be done. We need to impress this Event Planner anyhow to show how much we love her!”

Laughing on his reply, Neha said, “Yes! So much to do and so little time.” And off the went to the committee room, to tell the other committee members the good news!

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  1. Woah ! Absolutely loved your vision for the year 2026 ! So clear , and your writing makes it more alive ! Could feel it around.

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